Hey, I’m Katt.

So that’s me with my husband James and my best mate Stan.

I enjoy drinking far too much red wine, wandering around the countryside and attempting to make our house look Instagram worthy – which feels like a never-ending project!

Life seemed pretty ordinary for the first 24 years, but then after that it became a bit of a shit storm.

I think when you go through so much, your outlook on life changes and nothing really phases you anymore because you’ve survived the worst already. Living just becomes all about taking each day as it comes.

After losing my daughter, I created thenorthernwife – a place I could come to write down all the words rattling around in my head, somehow attempting to make sense of it all. It’s a ridiculously open account of my navigation through life and all the shite that it’s chucked at me over the last few years.

Of course it would be great if I could just pack us both up, order a pet passport and move away to live on a beach, but I suppose for now I’ll just carry on, using this blog as the glue attempting to hold my life together. Hoping one day, I can write some kind of happy ending… hopefully in Bali.

Katt x